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If you or a loved one is getting older, planning for their potential future needs now is essential. At Bassett Murray Law Group, we offer a range of elder law services to help older individuals plan care management, Medicaid usage, and legal documentation before they need it. Contact our law firm today to schedule your consultation with an experienced elder lawyer. 

Legal Planning

Our legal planning services can help you and your loved ones plan for who will receive your property and assets once you pass away. The best time to think about wills and estate planning is now. 

At Bassett Murray Law Group, we can provide numerous legal services involved in estate planning for elders. We’d be happy to help you: 

  • Create a will
  • Designate a power of attorney
  • Create a trust
  • Develop a living will

All of these steps are necessary to ensure your wishes come to fruition after you are unable to dictate them. 

Care Management and Advocacy

According to the Administration for Community Living, around 70% of 65-year-olds today will need some sort of long-term care in their lifetimes. Chances are, you or an older family member will need to spend at least a small amount of time in an assisted living facility or with a home health aid.
Planning long-term care with a qualified elder lawyer can ensure that you and your family members have access to the necessary resources. At Bassett Murray Law Group, we provide comprehensive care management and advocacy services for individuals requiring elder care. We can: 

  • Provide patient advocacy, including visits with patients, discussions with health care providers, and coordination with friends and family
  • Schedule home safety assessments to ensure that a client’s living situation meets their health care needs
  • Aid care and placement decisions
  • Provide assistance in legal matters as necessary

Our goal is to help clients access assistance and resources to maintain their independence and dignity as long as possible. 

Medicaid Planning

Long-term care can be expensive, costing upwards of $135,000 annually in Ann Arbor. Understandably, most families can’t pay for assisted living costs out of pocket, which is why many turn to Medicaid for assistance. 

Medicaid planning is the process of preparing for an eventual Medicaid application to preserve assets and receive as much financial assistance as possible. Medicaid applications are complex, and securing your benefits too soon could lower your total assistance amount. However, our team at Bassett Murray Law Group can help you strategically prepare Medicaid applications to maximize benefits. 

Planning your Medicaid application several years in advance can ensure that you have access to the assistance you need once you require long-term care. However, if you or a loved one needs emergency Medicaid assistance to cover imminent care costs, we can assist you as well. 

Contact a Qualified Michigan Elder Lawyer Today

Preparing for the future now can give you and your family peace of mind. Contact our team at Bassett Murray Law Group today at 734-930-9200 to schedule a consultation with an experienced elder lawyer. 


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