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Distributing a loved one’s assets after their death can be a complex, stressful process. You must ensure that their will and trust is followed, all while navigating grief, funerals, family dynamics and many other tasks. Additionally, complications often arise that make the probate process even more stressful and time-consuming. 

However, hiring a probate lawyer can take the stress of navigating asset distribution off your shoulders. Contact our Bassett Murray Law Group team today for probate legal advice and assistance. 

What Is Probate? 

Probate is the process of distributing a person’s assets to beneficiaries after their death. This process can include many steps, such as:

  • Locating wills, trusts, and other end-of-life documents
  • Identifying the person’s property and assets
  • Filing court documents
  • Notifying creditors and beneficiaries
  • Appraising the property
  • Paying any taxes the decedent owes out of their estate
  • Distributing remaining assets to beneficiaries 

The law requires a person’s family members to fulfill numerous duties after the person has died and ensure that their wishes are fulfilled. However, if you and your family have never navigated this process before, you may be unsure where to begin. You may also be trying to juggle other tasks to move forward from the person’s death. 

Ideally, the decedent will have appointed a personal representatives who will be responsible for the above steps, but if not, the court will appoint a family member to fill this role. 

Possible Complications With Probate 

Probate can be complicated, even if everything goes according to plan. But unfortunately, numerous complications can arise during probate, such as:

  • The person named as executor does not want to fulfill this role.
  • There is a disagreement about the value of the estate.
  • Someone contests the will. 
  • There are multiple wills. 
  • Someone claims that the executor is not fulfilling their duty. 
  • Creditors make expensive claims on the estate. 
  • The executor cannot locate all assets. 

At least one of these complications may arise as you administer your loved one’s estate. As a result, enlisting the assistance of a qualified probate lawyer can help you streamline and simplify the probate process. 

Why Hire a Probate Lawyer? 

Hiring a qualified probate lawyer can help you navigate all domestic and legal matters involved in the probate process. At Bassett Murray Law Group, we’d be happy to provide the following services to assist you during probate: 

  • Interpret the decedent’s will and trusts for the executor
  • Help the executor carry out the decedent’s will
  • Streamline the probate process
  • Reduce family conflict
  • Answer questions and assist the executor and any heirs
  • Help ensure that the decedent’s wishes are followed
  • Help the executor fulfill all of their duties to close the estate

Having an attorney on your side can remove the stress and burden of the probate process, allowing you and your loved ones time to grieve. 

Contact our Experienced Michigan Probate Law Team 

If you are navigating the probate process or anticipate needing to soon, we can help. Contact our Bassett Murray Law Group today at 734-930-9200 to schedule your consultation with a probate lawyer. 


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