HIPAA Release

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) guards protected health information against unlawful access and compels caregivers to release a clear notice of privacy practices. Without a HIPAA release, even your spouse, parent, or adult children may not view your protected health care records.

If you want your family or healthcare agent to access your medical records, you must sign a HIPAA release they can use as needed. Call Bassett Murray Law Group at (734) 930-9200 to draft a HIPAA release in Ann Arbor, MI.

How a HIPAA Release Works

You may have appointed a trusted healthcare proxy who would make decisions about your medical care in case you become incapacitated. However, to ensure that they base their decisions on correct information, your proxy would need full access to relevant medical records. A HIPAA release grants this access to persons you name in the document.

With a HIPAA release, your medical caregivers can release sensitive information, which may play a critical role in helping your proxy or family make the best decisions for your care.

A HIPAA release typically includes:

  • The medical information you choose to disclose
  • The names of people who can access the information above, like your healthcare proxy
  • The release form’s expiry date

Who Needs a HIPAA Release in Michigan?

Per Federal and Michigan state law, medical care providers may refuse to release sensitive information to your nearest family members and even your appointed healthcare proxy on the grounds of HIPAA compliance.

Thus, every incapacity plan must include a HIPAA release form, also called a HIPAA authorization, which allows your healthcare agent, family members, successor trustee, or any other person you name to access your medical information.

A HIPAA release is especially important if you prefer someone other than your immediate family, like a trusted friend or long-term partner, to access your records.

Draft a HIPAA Release Today

With a valid HIPAA release document, your healthcare proxy or family can access your medical records. In critical situations, a HIPAA release can streamline medical decisions and spare your family the need for complex proceedings like filing for guardianship.

The experienced estate planning and elder law attorneys of Bassett Murray Law Group can help make sure that your HIPAA release:

  • Allows the people you name to access your vital medical information
  • Aligns with your medical privacy wishes
  • Complies with state and federal law regarding disclosure of protected health information

You never know how soon you may need a HIPAA release, so we recommend adding this critical document to your estate plan as soon as possible.

Bassett Murray Law Group: Secure Incapacity Planning in Ann Arbor, Michigan

A HIPAA release document allows your chosen personal representative or your family members to view your private medical information, which can help them make the right health care decisions for you while you are incapacitated.

At Bassett Murray Law Group, we work with you to create a comprehensive incapacity plan for any medical situation. Call us at (734) 930-9200, contact us at the fax number (734) 930-9942, or fill out our online form for legal help with drafting a HIPAA release in Ann Arbor, MI.


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