VA Disability Appeals

You’ve proudly served your country, so you expect VA disability benefits to cover you when you need them. However, even if you qualify, it’s possible that the VA may deny your claim.

But a denial isn’t the end of the line. At Bassett Murray Law Group, PLLC, our legal team has experience in successfully representing US veterans as VA disability appeals lawyers.

Has the VA Denied Your Disability Claim?

A service-connected disability can make it tough for you to do the things you always loved. For many veterans, it’s surprising when the VA denies their disability claim. This commonly happens when you don’t supply enough evidence of your disability, the evidence is not presented in a clear way, or a critical piece of expert testimony is missing.

The good news is that the VA allows you to appeal claims denials. A knowledgeable disability lawyer can guide you through the appeals process so you know what to expect each step of the way.

VA Disability Claim Criteria

The VA has strict criteria for disability claim eligibility. If your claim was denied, an accredited VA disability appeals lawyer can make sure you qualify for benefits before filing an appeal.

Qualifying Veterans

To qualify for benefits, you must have served for the full military service period in which you were called to active duty or inactive/active duty for training. The minimum service period varies, and service period requirement exceptions include:

  • Veterans discharged due to hardship
  • Veterans who served before September 7, 1980
  • Veterans discharged due to a disability that their service caused or worsened

Veterans who have a dishonorable discharge don’t qualify for disability benefits. Other-Than-Honorable discharges may affect eligibility, too.

Current Disabilities

The VA may deny your claim because you didn’t provide enough evidence of disability. You may have trouble working or doing your usual activities, but without proof, the VA might say that you’re not actually disabled.

It’s important to document your injuries by visiting a doctor for treatment. When doctors attest that you’re disabled, you stand a better chance of overturning VA claim denials.

Service-Connected Disabilities

The VA may agree that you’re disabled but still deny your claim if you can’t prove that an event happened during your time in the service that caused or worsened your disability.

When it comes to proving service-connected disabilities, the VA will seldom just take your word for it. Physician documentation, medical records, and medical nexus letters from qualified professionals go a long way toward proving your case.

Letters from friends, family, and fellow service members can help, too. These letters should include observations about your disability’s severity and frequency. Writers should explain in detail how your disability affects your quality of life.

Our Disability Lawyers Help You Appeal VA Disability Claims Worldwide

When you’re living with a service-connected disability, fighting with the VA for benefits can feel frustrating and overwhelming. For many veterans, it can feel like the government has abandoned you with conditions brought about by your service to your country.  But the good news is that you don’t have to go through this battle alone.

At Bassett Murray Law Group, PLLC, we handle appeals for veterans claims and will work hard to overturn denials for you. We have years of experience overturning claims denials for US veterans worldwide. Call a VA disability appeals lawyer at (734) 930-9200 for schedule a phone, video or in-person consultation to help with your veterans disability appeals case today.


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