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If the Department of Veteran Affairs denied your application for Total Disability Based on Individual Unemployability (TDIU) benefits, you may feel discouraged and unsure how to proceed. Don’t give up yet; our appeals lawyers can help. The VA commonly denies applications for TDIU benefits, but that doesn’t mean you don’t qualify for benefits. 

At Bassett Murray Law Group, our Individual Unemployability appeals VA lawyers can examine your application and the denial and appeal the decision. Our VA-accredited attorneys provide comprehensive legal guidance to complete your appeal efficiently. 

Why Does the VA Deny TDIU Benefits?

The Individual Unemployability disability benefit application requires you to submit a detailed form regarding your medical condition, employment history, and personal information. Your application must provide enough evidence to prove that you are unable to maintain substantially gainful employment and qualify for benefits. 

There are very specific requirements to qualify for TDIU benefits. If you do not meet the requirements or did not provide substantial evidence that you meet the requirements, the VA will deny the claim. The following are reasons warrant a claim denial: 

  • Your veteran status is not eligible for disability benefits because of your service period or discharge type. 
  • Your medical condition is not a service-connected disability or your service-connected disability rated lower than the requirements allow. 
  • You did not provide adequate medical information or records. 
  • You did not provide adequate employment information. 
  • You hold employment that provides income above the poverty line and is not a protected work environment.  
  • You have not applied for general VA disability. You must usually qualify for general benefits before applying for TDIU. 

Individual Unemployability Appeals Worldwide

Following a TDIU disability benefits application denial, you have the option to file an appeal. 

It is essential to file your appeal promptly. If you don’t appeal a denial or take longer than a year to appeal and later seek TDIU benefits, you may not qualify for benefits. Appealing right away demonstrates that unemployability is a prominent and relevant concern for you. 

The Board of Veterans Appeals will evaluate your application with additional information. The Board will thoroughly review your application and verify employment information with the IRS and the Social Security Administration.

How Bassett Murray Law Group Can Help

Navigating an Individual Unemployability appeal can be a demanding and tedious process. Our experienced attorneys can help you understand your claim denial and how to file an effective appeal. 

Your Individual Unemployability appeals VA lawyer here at Bassett Murray Law Group will work with you collect and include secure and sufficient additional evidence regarding your disability and how it contributes to your inability to work. We’ll help you file the appeal on time and follow all necessary guidelines.

Contact Our Accredited VA Lawyers from Anywhere Worldwide

Don’t let an initial denial stop you! An Individual Unemployability appeals VA lawyer at The Bassett Murray Law Group can provide comprehensive legal assistance for veterans. We’ll help you organize the evidence to build a strong appeal. 

Contact our experienced and accredited disability attorneys from anywhere worldwide, today at 734-930-9200 to schedule a consultation and learn more about filing an appeal for VA disability benefits.  Consultations available by phone, video, and in-person at our Ann Arbor, MI office.


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